Matthias Hofmuth: Tech Mindset and Can-Do Attitude

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Working in a tech startup: A career boost?

Director of HR at Flixbus in Los Angeles and now on the management board of xentral: Matthias Hofmuth has startup DNA. He was there when Flixbus made the transition from a Start-up to a serious mobility company. In six years, he has experienced a lot and scaled the team from 90 to 1600 employees. He himself started as a Senior HR Manager, was Head of HR in the USA, among other things, and was responsible for the entire People division for five years. 


“That’s what’s special about startups: you can make an enormous career jump in the growth phase – if you’re good,” he explains. His job isn’t just about finding the right candidate to get the job done. It’s about finding someone who lives the company philosophy, who believes in the vision, and who wants to be part of a big story.


From California to Augsburg: His new job at the hidden champion

Berlin, London, San Francisco – the Start-up hubs are mainly found in major cities. Currently, exciting new companies are also emerging in smaller cities. Matthias deliberately chose Augsburg for personal reasons and knew immediately: “xentral was exactly what I was looking for. Honestly, I didn’t expect to find such a tech company in Augsburg.” 

We were looking for a Head of HR who had experience with fast-growing companies. Matthias has the entrepreneurial thinking and the right mindset to find and identify the personalities we need at xentral. This was, of course, our perfect match!


What convinced him in the end? The spirit!

Our investor Frank Thelen from Freigeist Capital calls us a hidden champion of the German tech scene. xentral ERP is a smart solution for high-growth companies that rely on automation and want to build smart, lean processes. 

Our founders Claudia and Benedikt stand for entrepreneurship and hands-on mentality and these are exactly the qualities we also look for in our employees. “This spirit has convinced me. The whole team exudes incredible energy. It’s not about ego, hierarchies or lifestyle, but about the essentials: Building the best possible product,” Matthias explains. 

Matthias is not someone who needs a lot of time to get started. He looks at the organization, talks to people, and understands what characters he needs to hire. “Finding someone with suitable qualifications is not an art. If we hire the best developer who just doesn’t fit into the team, then we’ve gained nothing,” he says.


New Work: Are we getting a ping pong table now?

When the buzzword New Work comes up, the first thing you probably think of is the ping-pong table or fancy couches in an open workspace. 

The basic idea behind it is to create free space for the team and to promote exchange outside the meeting room. We see this as one of the most important elements for the team to grow together. Especially with rapid growth, it is important that people get to know each other and exchange ideas. With team events, we consciously take time for each other and strengthen the team spirit. 

Flexibility is important to us. We want it from our team and would like to give it back. That’s why our team is free to organize its working day and decide whether it works in our office or from home. It is important to us that everyone feels at home at xentral.


Do you fit us? Matthias looks for these 3 qualities

Do you want to join our team and help us reach the next level? These are the qualities Matthias particularly looks for:

  • You take responsibility: at xentral, teams design their own area and work with a lot of freedom. Are you someone who is willing to contribute through your own impulses? Then you’ve already ticked the first box in the matching check.
  • You are a designer: We are doers – through and through. Strategies are important, but they also have to be implemented. That’s very important to us. If you like to find your own tasks and get going, we’re a very good match.
  • You have energy: we are a scaleup. We have the startup phase behind us, now it’s all about scaling. We test a lot, we change. You like it when every day looks a little different? Then you should definitely check out our jobs page!


Recruiting during Covid

As a digital company, we adapted very quickly to Corona and its impacts on the world of work. Therefore, we were able to continue our growth in 2020 and are willing to do the same in 2021. 

Currently, the application phase is a bit different than usual. Since we are also in the home office during lockdown times, this is what our recruiting process looks like during Corona:

  • Video call: In a 20- to 30-minute phone call, we discuss mutual expectations. Afterward, both sides decide whether the first impression leads to the second step.
  • Getting to know your team: you should get to know your team in a face-to-face meeting at our xentral office. Currently, this part also happens digitally. However, we would like to keep it flexible here: As soon as the infection figures allow it again, you are welcome to come to our office.
  • Coffee with our founders: We are a family. Every member is important to us and that’s why our founders Claudia and Benedikt want to get to know you. 


You are on fire? Then check out our open jobs and apply!

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Matthias Hofmuth: Tech Mindset and Can-Do Attitude

Written by Janina Horn