xentral and Shopify: The Perfect Combination of Online-Store and ERP

Shopify & xentral

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What is Shopify?

Shopify is a SaaS platform designed to help you and other online retailers get their storefronts up and running easily. You can choose from hundreds of personalized themes to find the one that best reflects your business. From there, you can set up the overall design, functions, and sales channels with only a few clicks to complete your fully functioning online store. You can go even further and easily set up services for marketing and shipping, along with tools for measuring customer engagement. More than one million companies already benefit from Shopify’s easy-to-use scalable store solution, making Shopify the industry’s leading e-commerce system.


What is xentral?

xentral is an ERP cloud software package capable of performing every background process needed to run your business efficiently. From e-commerce to accounting and warehousing, xentral can perform all business-related processes through one central platform. xentral’s automation capabilities result in a smoother and more efficient e-retailing experience for your customers. Best of all, it is easy to use, incredibly intuitive, and very flexible. xentral features over 1,000 different functions and interfaces that can connect to a wide range of solutions, including Shopify.


Real-Time Data Synchronization Between Shopify and xentral ERP

xentral ERP is designed to directly integrate with Shopify, ensuring seamless synchronization of data and processes between the two systems. For example, your online store will have services for orders, items, and inventory through Shopify. All the data from these services affect each other, so rather than wasting your time and resources calculating it yourself, it makes sense to use a system that does everything for you. xentral ERP automatically reconciles Spotify services and gives you access to live data, like sales figures, inventory, and shipping statuses, at any time.

Additionally, you can also create all your items in your Shopify store from within xentral. In xentral, you can then manage all item data, like descriptions, prices, and so on. This function can be especially convenient if you also operate other sales channels. xentral and Shopify work together seamlessly to support your business to run as efficiently as possible.


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Save Time and maximize Customer Satisfaction with Automated Processes

xentral takes care of numerous background processes so that you no longer have to intervene manually. This process reduces your administrative workload to a minimum, freeing up time so that you can focus on more important tasks. With xentral, you automate your entire ordering, quotation, and order management processes, as well as large parts of your accounting, giving you peace of mind and a completely stress-free e-retailing experience without the hassle.

The other major advantage of these automated processes is that they provide you live data and allow you to keep your customers informed in real-time.

This instant data access helps to reassure customers that their needs are met and that your business is reliable. For example, when a customer makes a purchase and generates an order on your store, xentral ERP transfers imported orders directly to a shipping service provider. As soon as the service provider reports back tracking numbers, they are also immediately transferred to the Shopify store, so you can provide the shipping details to your customer automatically. Of course, this also happens when you ship goods directly from your warehouse via shipping companies, like DHL and UPS. This way, your customers are always up to date and well informed about the status of their orders.


References that Speak for Themselves

Many companies already use Shopify and xentral ERP with great satisfaction and success — including the food start-up 3Bears. With the combination of Shopify and xentral, you can quickly and automatically process high-volume orders. In particular, during the 3Bears’ appearance on the popular German version of the Dragon’s Den TV show, the company received thousands of orders per hour. Their Shopify online store captured everything and transmitted the data directly to xentral. xentral then automatically coordinated the shipping processes. By integrating Shopify with the xentral ERP interface, 3Bears could easily manage the huge increase in orders, which may have otherwise overwhelmed the business and resulted in a bad customer experience due to extended shipping times and lack of information.


Try xentral ERP with Shopify Today

If you wish to see how the integration of central and Shopify can help you grow your own online store and make your customers happier, we invite you to try it out for yourself today. You can test all xentral ERP functions and the Shopify integration on a 14-day free trial. Register for the trial and connect it to your Shopify system with just a few clicks. Once connected, you can customize it to your specific needs to see how well it suits your online business. While you get around in the system, you can book a free demonstration with one of our experts anytime.

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xentral and Shopify: The Perfect Combination of Online-Store and ERP

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