My Makery: Super processes for superfoods made from chestnuts

My Makery took off with chestnuts and Xentral. Founder Birgit shares her story and tips.

26. Dez. 2022

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Birgit Tantner, Gründerin von My Makery, verkauft mit ihrem Startup Brotbackmischungen aus Kastanienmehl.

More transparency in baking mixtures - that was Birgit Tantner's motivation for developing her own bread recipe. Find out how the founder and CEO of My Makery brought more transparency into her processes and why she relies on a lean start-up here.

Table of contents

  • Chestnuts as an entry into e-commerce
  • The long search for the right partners
  • Xentral brought an overview of data
  • Batches and orders always in view
  • Xentral as a cockpit for business growth
  • Tips for your food business

Baking your own bread - for some a nice pastime, for others a question of transparency: as a sports scientist and nutrition coach, Birgit Tantner at some point wanted to know exactly what ingredients were in her bread. Her sobering realisation: the ingredients of many bread baking mixtures were anything but optimal for her demands on a healthy diet.

And so began Birgit's search for the perfect combination of the best ingredients for her dream baking mix. It had to be gluten-free, healthy and tasty. An article about Hildegard von Bingen gave her the idea to try flour made from chestnuts.

Hildegard von Bingen was a German polymath and perhaps the first chestnut flour influencer ever: she praised the natural baking ingredient as the basis for nutrient-rich and healthy food.

Sweet chestnuts as an entry into e-commerce

The aromatic flour made from sweet chestnuts also hit the spot for Birgit's taste. She started producing the first gluten-free bread baking mixes based on chestnuts. Initially at home, today with the support of contract manufacturers.

Since 2019, Birgit has been selling her "superfood in bread form" with her start-up My Makery via her own online shop and now also in food retail (LEH).

However, the first customers were friends of the nutrition expert. They were the first to enjoy the early mixing experiments. In return, they filled out questionnaires developed by Birgit herself.

After the first optimisations of her mix, Birgit set up her online shop from her sofa. With this channel, she had the opportunity to gather feedback beyond her circle of acquaintances and to keep perfecting her product.

The response was excellent. The number of orders went up continuously and at some point Birgit was faced with the decision of whether to turn her hobby into a full-time job. She decided to do so and was now faced with the challenge of increasing her turnover. And that meant turning some processes around.

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The long search for the right partners

After initially composing and filling her blends herself, Birgit decided to work with a contract blender when she founded her start-up.

The mission of the My Makery founder is to provide her customers with a nutritious, natural and varied diet that takes little time and requires no compromise in quality and taste. For Birgit, half-measures were out of the question, neither for her own processes nor for her business partners.

She therefore had to invest some time in the search for a production partner: Only after three quarters of a year did she find one. One obstacle was that chestnut flour is too exotic for many contract manufacturers. In addition, the production volume of her start-up was too small for many suppliers. In the end, however, her search was successful.

She contracted a fulfilment provider for shipping. And because she also wanted to conquer the shelves of organic supermarkets with her baking mixes, she founded a limited liability company.

Xentral brought an overview of data

Once the most important processes and partner structures were set up, Birgit had the same experience as many other start-ups: as the complexity of the processes and data in the company grew, more and more mistakes crept in. At the same time, the time to concentrate on the business becomes increasingly scarce.

In an exchange with other founders about their challenges, she came across the name Xentral. Many young food providers start with Xentral and build their processes on it in order to grow sustainably. So Birgit also decided to use it.

"In the beginning, the software was oversized for me," she says. But at the latest when the growth spurts of her company caused the amount of data in her business to keep growing, it was clear: the decision for the business software was exactly right: "With Xentral, all the data is much easier to network than before."

Especially in the food retail sector, Birgit feels a clear relief: "You wouldn't believe how many prices and data have to be organised there. You need clean processes pretty quickly for that," she now knows from experience.

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Onboarding support for an easy start

What was particularly positive for Birgit was being able to start with a personal contact person. It was important for her that the business software could cover the basic functions of merchandise management. She was happy to be guided through the functions by an expert.

Her contact person was able to assess very well which process automations she acutely needed. Her personal Xentral contact also took care of the connection to other systems and to the systems of her partners, thus saving her a lot of time.

Batches and orders always in view

With Xentral, Birgit now has many functions at her disposal to simplify her everyday business. She uses Xentral to organise quotations, delivery notes and invoices on a daily basis. In addition, her logistics and warehouse management are mapped in the platform.

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Xentral also supports the founder with important tasks that demand a lot from food start-ups in particular. For example, seamless batch tracking must be guaranteed in the F&B area. Birgit already experienced how important this is at the beginning of her start-up career.

In the earlier mixes, she still used almond flour. "Once there was a recall. The supplier called me and told me that I had to recall all the products in which I used the flour. At the time, I had documented all the batches in Excel using the BBD and was lucky: the flour had already been processed but not yet sold."

Today, batch tracking is even clearer and automated in Xentral. Just like Birgit, her contract mixer can also track every batch precisely thanks to Xentral.

Xentral also makes things easier in the food retail sector. Birgit sells to denn's organic markets, Globus Markthallen or EDEKA branches, among others. She enters the orders into Xentral and the system automatically transmits the information to the fulfilment department and sends the delivery note and invoice at the same time.

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Xentral as a cockpit for business growth

And how is Birgit doing today with her business operations software? "Xentral is the first programme I open on my computer in the morning. It's like a cockpit from which I control most of my processes. I always have an overview with it."

With her business software, her overview of all business processes and her partners, Birgit now wants to dedicate herself to her plans for the future. These include the further internationalisation of her company, the expansion of direct sales and the strengthening of existing food retail relationships.

Tips for your food business

How does Birgit master the challenges that many e-commerce start-ups face today? For the founder, a lean approach and networking have worked well. At the moment, her company consists of three permanent employees, including herself, and a mini-jobber who is responsible for social media.

In addition, she has built up a strong network - from the external producer to the logistician and the packaging designer to an IT freelancer. Even though her partners are not permanently employed by her, the team has grown together closely.

The advantage of this lean setup: Birgit's fixed costs are very low, which is worth its weight in gold in times of crisis. In the future, she would like to expand her team, but at the moment she is benefiting from the set-up.

Another tip: The food sector is strictly regulated in Germany. For people new to the sector, this is a challenge that Birgit has overcome with a lot of reading and her own research. 

But it was more important to talk to partners and fellow campaigners. Her miller, for example, gave her valuable tips on food safety. She then deepened her newly acquired knowledge with her own research at authorities and experts.

So let your knowledge grow organically - with

  • Asking partners and experts
  • networking at events and with companies in your sector
  • doing your own research, for example on the Xentral Blog
  • learning by doing

By the way, Birgit was also able to find her way into food retailing easily through her network - a former sales freelancer had just the right contacts. However, she has to fight the battle for shelf space every day anew. Fortunately, Xentral supports her in saving energy in her everyday business and investing in the food retail marathon.

Do you also need more energy and time to develop your business? If you want to improve your own business operations now, try Xentral without obligation. Our experts are available to answer your individual questions during a demo call. Get started now!

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  • Batch tracking simplified
  • Seamless connection to fulfilment and contract manufacturers
  • Automated order management for shop and food retail

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