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8. Aug. 2022

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Reduce your administrative effort to a minimum with Lean Xentral ERP. The Xentral ERP offers you the modern linking of your customer data (CRM) with a smart order management, a flexible time recording, automated accounting, optimized controlling and much more.

Focus on your service, Xentral will handle the rest

Company key performance indicators on the xentral dashboard

How is business going? With xentral, you can see how at a glance. The dashboards visualize all relevant company key performance indicators, like turnover, received payments, pending orders, etc. You can see exactly which orders are in the pipeline and can export performance reports for your various business units.

Better customer relationships with the xentral CRM

As a service provider, good customer relationships are the foundation of your company’s success. The CRM from xentral manages your customer data including meeting notes, individually agreed upon deals or hourly rates centrally in one software.

Optimize your sales

xentral ERP visualizes your sales funnel in pipelines and thus provides you optimum support when acquiring new customers. The incoming requests are automatically assigned to your sales employees. This way, you and your team always have an eye on the progress for each new customer.

Special ERP solutions for service providers

Central interface, from product to service

xentral is your central interface, from product to service: You can easily and transparently manage products, service contracts, subscription invoices and licenses for each sales channel. The software automates the entire process from the order to the service report to invoicing.

Repair and service orders at a glance

Process and document all orders for repairs and services transparently in xentral. Your team can also have the order signed by the customer remotely using a smartphone or iPad and everything will be saved directly in the ERP system.

Plan trips with integrated regional search

Are your planning your trip and are looking for contacts within a specific region? The Xentral CRM filters all of your contacts located in the region you defined. This helps your service team plan the trips and your sales department plan acquisition trips.

Automated offer and order management

Save customized templates with your design for offers, orders and invoices directly in the xentral ERP software and send your orders and invoices digitally from the system. You can also save digital service reports in xentral and have the customer sign them on site.

Manage rental items, subscription invoices and vouchers

As a service provider, you can manage your services as well as rental items, subscription invoices, batch invoices and promotion and voucher codes with the xentral ERP solution. You can also save sales commissions. The software then automatically assigns the commission voucher to the channel and the sales employee.

CRM features: Resubmissions and scheduling documentation

With the CRM from xentral, you can maintain an overview of all conversations, agreements and services provided to date. You also always have an eye on the services that have already been completed and pending appointments and deadlines. Set up a reminder so your sales team calls the customer early on to schedule new service appointments.

Central management, even across different warehouses

With xentral, you can manage your mobile, in-house, third-party and small parts warehouses via a central system. The ERP system organizes your warehouse, handles your inventory and, if you want, automatically reorders articles and parts. The order stoplight tells you exactly which parts have already been shipped and which still need to be prepared for shipping.

Time recording for service providers

With the xentral ERP solution, you always have an eye on your working hours and can start the accounting process with a single click. Your employees can clock in digitally or manually enter their working hours. Via the DATEV interface or Personio, you can prepare your payroll accounting with a single click and directly transfer it to your tax consultant.

Commissions for team members or sold articles

In Xentral, you can define commissions or kick-backs for the field service department and your affiliate partners. xentral automatically assigns the commissions. You can directly combine them with specific services or articles or save the commission in the system independent of performance.

Project management software for service providers

With xentral, you can coordinate your projects in cooperation with your team. You can structure projects into sub-projects and distribute the tasks accordingly. You can also directly book the hours to the project and analyze them directly via xentral. You can export the invoice with all registered hours with only two clicks.

All sales channels in one location

Multi-channel for service providers. xentral connects all of your channels on which you offer your services in a central system. You can manually and synchronously call up and manage all orders via the ERP solution. You can also see via which channels the most orders are received and optimize the business accordingly.

Automated orders

The xentral ERP software automatically coordinates your warehouse and automatically reorders goods as soon as an article or part has reached the minimum inventory. xentral also informs you via push notification when your stock is running low.

Accounting and controlling

With Xentral ERP, you can manage your incoming and outgoing invoices centrally. The software sends the completed orders directly to your accounting system and preassigns your invoices for you. You can see all of the relevant company key performance indicators for your controlling via customized xentral dashboards.

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Your entire service company in one software

Mobile ERP solution for your business

As a service provider, you have a lot to do, namely, at the customer's location. Take a load off the resources in the administrative department and increase the efficiency of your business. xentral ERP helps you do that, automates a majority of your tasks in the back office and thus increases your profits.

Control your business from the office and when you’re out in the field. xentral is also available in a mobile version for laptops, smartphones and iPads.

Connect shipping providers and marketplaces

Xentral has more than 150 modules and interfaces via which you can connect all sales channels and partners. You can connect DHL, DPD, UPS, GLS and many more with only two clicks and control all parties from a central software.

Show all Xentral interfaces

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Are you a person of action and want to get started right away? With xentral, you don’t have long introduction times and can install the demo version directly. After a 14-day trial period, you can decide whether xentral is the right fit for you.

By the way: All relevant business processes are depicted in the free trial version.

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