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27. Juli 2022

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The combination of the two makes it great

Why is that? Spryker and Xentral are both systems developed from real-world experience. New technologies enable exciting opportunities for the e-commerce sector and associated new business models. 

Stores and marketplaces need to rapidly react to a constantly growing range of demands. Social networks and digital technologies, such as smart homes, connected vehicle data systems, and the like, are slowly replacing classic business models. E-commerce must have the same approach to reach customers wherever they are.

The software environment must also adapt quickly and dynamically. And that is just what the Xentral-Spryker combination offers: Spryker is the optimal e-commerce platform, and Xentral is the best ERP system for managing administrative tasks, logistics, and production processes.

The optimal mix of building blocks and modular systems

Spryker is structured similarly to Xentral: customers receive the basic version and assemble their setup using the available apps in the modular system. Ideally, the two software systems will complement each other technically and practically, and so we have entered a partnership with Spryker. With the new interface, online and offline retailers can combine our ERP system with innovative e-commerce technology to achieve a scalable, highly agile, and complete solution.


What is Spryker, and what does it do?

Spryker is a relatively new name in the e-commerce scene, but is quickly becoming a market leader in its segment. Spryker is a cloud-native software platform designed to help companies reach success in various areas, like B2B, Unified Commerce, B2C, and other first or third-party marketplaces. The software contains over 50 packaged business functions, including a marketplace, AWS Glue API, and Middleware links. With all of this, you can easily build all the modular features you need to run your business exactly how you want. Despite being a new player in the field, Spryker has already connected with over 150 companies, including Aldi, Toyota, Ricoh, and many more.


What features does Spryker offer?

There are many features packed into Spryker, which makes it an excellent platform for e-commerce. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Back Office Management: the powerful and easy-to-use back office will help you keep track of daily processes, such as product management, order handling, and more. You can even use it to customize the layout and overall design of your online store.
  • Catalog Management System: the fully customizable catalog system lets you easily create custom categories based on customer demands. You can also add, sort, and filter attributes to make product searches as efficient and straightforward as possible.
  • Content Management System: the CMS system allows you to create templates, interfaces, and other visual content to enrich your online store with valuable product pages and landing pages for your users.
  • Customer Relationship Management: the CRM module allows you to monitor consumer trends effortlessly and create better-targeted promotional content.
  • Multichannel Support: this priceless functionality gives you the versatility and flexibility to sell your products to customers across multiple channels, not just through your online store.
  • Order Management System: the order handling process can get messy without a proper system to keep all order-related functions in one place, including invoice generation, order statuses, return and refund processing, and more.
  • Search Engine Optimization: the built-in SEO tools let you edit meta tags, optimize landing pages, add tracking scripts, and more so that you can increase your online store’s search visibility.
  • Software Integration: the platform supports an extensive range of third-party application integrations, including electronic direct mail (EDM) marketing providers and more.


What makes Spryker so great?

Here are some of the many benefits you can get from using Spryker for your e-commerce store:

  • Scale modules according to the needs of your business. There’s no need to overload your system with redundant content — you can take out what you don’t need right now and put it back if you need it again later.
  • A wide range of modules are available to help you grow your business in any way you choose. Whichever business function you have in mind, there’s a module to support it and improve its performance.
  • You can easily add, test, and remove features without being concerned about whether they might halt production or prevent your store from working efficiently.
  • Each module version is released independently. Spryker tests and develops all modules before release to ensure full compatibility and functionality with other modules that might not yet be up-to-date. This QA process means all modules are safe for immediate use after being released since they are free of bugs.


What do customers have to say about Spryker?

Over 150 businesses are currently using Spryker. Among the list of Spryker’s customers is the German division of Toyota. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Toyota needed a technology system for their 200 local showrooms to help them stay in contact with their loyal customers. After reaching out to Spryker for help, they had a software solution up and running for Toyota within three weeks. Spryker was also able to help Toyota shift its online platform from being strictly focused on B2B clients to one that was B2C as well, allowing them to cater to online and local customers.

“Spryker is customer-oriented; they have a passion for customers and offer solutions that go beyond purely technical capacities. Spryker brings customer-centricity to reality, and that is a perfect match for us.” — Jens Brech, Director of Customer Experience and Network Quality at Toyota Germany.

Another business that found success with Spryker is LUMAS. LUMAS is an online platform for buying and selling fine art and art-related products, like digital media art prints. The company also operates over 40 brick-and-mortar art galleries throughout many major cities across Europe and the United States. As many art vendors started moving to the digital market, LUMAS needed a software system to help support and grow their business online. Spryker created a software system for LUMAS to meet the functional and technical challenges required for rapid business growth, and was far better than what their previous system allowed! Thanks to Spryker, LUMAS can now convert first-time buyers into regular art collectors directly through their online platform.


Why does Xentral work together with Spryker so well?

Spryker and Xentral work together well because they function similarly: when you get the system, you can add or remove available apps using its modular approach to create a customized solution for your business needs that fits like a glove. The Xentral ERP contains over 100 modules to help you automate processes involved in various areas, such as warehouse management, manufacturing, sales, and accounting. Xentral provides interfaces to integrate with all standard shopping systems, shipping providers, payment providers, and more. The ERP is also an open-source platform, so other software developers can easily create unique interfaces to connect directly with Xentral. As Xentral and Spryker are so aligned in their approach, it’s no surprise that they work so well in unison. Therefore, we recommend you try out Spryker with Xentral today so that you can see for yourself all the great benefits that your business can reap.


Try Xentral ERP with Spryker with a 14-day free trial today!

If you’re interested in trying out Xentral ERP with Spryker, we invite you to test it yourself for free today! You can take advantage of a 14-day free trial to see how great Xentral ERP works with the Spryker interface. Visit Xentral today and begin your experience with this innovative and dynamic combination!

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