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The most important resources for you to get started with Xentral

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We offer several courses with a total of over 200 videos that show you how to easily take control of your setup.

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Join our growing community of Xentral users and network with like-minded people. Ask questions and solve use cases.

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The Xentral manual. Here you will find documentation on modules and administration of your Xentral.

Seamless set-up and integration

in just 3 easy steps

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Step 1: Register for a free trial period

All you need for the free trial is your business email address. No need to enter any credit card information or personal data. You will receive an email to confirm your sign-up and your personal Xentral-space will be set up.

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Step 2: Connect your Shops and Third-Party-Systems with just a few clicks

Our Step-By-Step guide will help you through the process of connecting your eCommerce-Shop and third-party-systems within minutes.

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Step 3: Go Optimize

You are all set. Our extensive library of videos and articles will help you set up your xentral home and customize it to your needs. Explore our App Store for even more possibilities to grow your business.

nils hack
The video tutorial was just right for me. Within two weeks I had a fully functional ERP system - and I am still totally satisfied with it!

Nils Hack

CEO Blockhütte GmbH


How does the free trial setup work?

What happens after the 14 days?

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