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ERP for Retail

xentral ERP is the companion to ensure your business is successful: Keep an eye on all orders, inventories, processes and KPIs and massively reduce your administrative effort and costs. Regardless of whether your ecosystem is already completely set up or is still being set up: xentral flexibly adapts to your needs and lifts your business up to the next level.

How does xentral ERP elevate your retail business to the next level?

Flexible cash register system (POS)

xentral includes a full-featured cash register system for your brick-and-mortar shop. Do you already have a system? The xentral software meets every requirement to connect easily and seamlessly to your existing system.

Effective dashboards

Your retail goods management always at glance: The xentral dashboards show you all of the informative KPIs and information: turnover, invoices, credits, orders and much more.

Digital accounting

Simplify your management! If you want, all incoming and outgoing invoices will be preassigned and automatically sent to your accounting system. What that means for you: less administrative effort and lower costs, more time for your business.

Key features for your professional retail business

Your ERP for retail with more than 100 interfaces

Your entire business in only one tool

Thanks to the most modern technologies, xentral organizes your workflows and thus increases the efficiency of your team. You have more time to focus on your sales performance and elevate your goods management in brick-and-mortar trade to a new level.

No one is always in the same place. That’s why you can access your business and company KPIs from anywhere in the world with xentral via your laptop and smartphone.

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Your gut feeling is important, your data is even more important. Which articles are shelf warmers and which are power sellers? Which channels are performing best and which articles are frequently sent back and why? xentral provide you answers and makes all of the data available in organized dashboards and reports.

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Connect the xentral retail software? No problem! Test new marketplaces, establish flagship stores, change fulfillers or the shop system, add payment providers or set up your own warehouse: Whatever you’re planning, xentral connects you to the systems and providers of your choice.

To the overview of all xentral interfaces

xentral is the POS software for the next generation in retail.

The ERP system was developed for teams who want to get results quickly and don’t care much for long introduction processes. xentral is rethinking ERP for trade: easy, quick and flexible.

Regardless of whether your ecosystem is already completely set up or is still being set up: xentral flexibly adapts to your needs. Simply implement the additions your business needs to grow. To us, “flexible” also means you can choose to keep using xentral every month. Will xentral become your new retail software? Start now and test whether xentral meets your business needs too!

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FAQs about xentral ERP in retail

xentral relies on the connection to a wide variety of marketplaces, shops, payment providers, shipping providers, accounting systems, fulfillers and other systems. Our interfaces communicate so perfectly with other systems that you can connect them to your xentral Home in only a few minutes. If you choose to introduce xentral Home Pro or xentral Home VIP, xentral will initially connect to all of your systems.

If you want to expand your system landscape while actively using xentral, you can simply connect additional systems to your xentral Home at any time. You can find comprehensive instructions for each interface in the manual. If something doesn’t work, the xentral team will, of course, provide you support.

Our team has overseen the change to xentral in a wide variety of industries. We will gladly help you with the entire process. Simply tell us which ERP system you have been using: In most cases, we have already overseen a change from these systems to xentral.

Are you looking for powerful features, want to get results quickly and don’t care much for long introduction times? Then xentral Goods Management is the right solution for your business. xentral ERP Business Software is used by more than 1,000 customers from a wide range of industries including eCommerce, retail, FBA, wholesale, production and fulfillment.

The feedback is clear: xentral will impress you with its clear structure, comprehensive features and speed. We are continuously expanding the software and use it internally ourselves. That is how we know what desiderata we have to fulfill.

You can test xentral free of charge and without obligation for 14 days. If you like xentral, you can simply keep using it and apply all of the data from the trial version. If you have questions, please feel free to contact the xentral team.

How long the introduction of xentral takes depends on one important question: Do you want to introduce xentral yourself or should the xentral team help you set it up?

Version A: xentral Home do-it-yourself

Do you want to start xentral Home yourself? Then nothing is standing in the way of an immediate introduction. You can get started right away. Please note that you need basic IT skills for the do-it-yourself set-up. Your contact will gladly provide you support.

Version B: xentral Home Pro & xentral Home VIP

Do you want to set up your xentral Home with the help of the xentral team? Many companies use this package to quickly and securely move into their xentral Home. Regardless of the capacity and when you make the decision, set-up generally takes between 4 and 6 weeks.

Are you in a major hurry? We know the feeling! That is why we started the Express Move-In. It enables you to go live in less than 3-4 weeks and the xentral team handles it for you. Our experts will gladly take care of all of your issues.