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Process orders

Import all orders from eBay into Xentral and benefit from centralized, seamless order processing – from invoicing to shipping. .

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Do away with overselling

With Xentral, your eBay seller shop always knows how many goods you have in stock at any given time. This will keep your customers happy because it puts an end to overselling for once and for all.

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Organize product data centrally

Manage all product data centrally. Create new offers easily in Xentral and then synchronize them directly with eBay and all other sales channels.

eBay and Xentral

The most important functions for eBay

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Here’s how to integrate your eBay shop

Tutorial: eBay and Xentral

In the Xentral Academy, you will find straightforward videos that will show you how to integrate your online shop within Xentral in just a few minutes. Get started with the first video and find out how to optimize your eBay sales with Xentral.

Get started with eBay and Xentral

Integrate eBay within Xentral in just a few minutes and set the wheels in motion. All you need is an API key and your eBay password.