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What is Sendcloud?

Sendcloud helps you automate your shipping process and save time and money on one of the most important steps in online commerce. With the software, small and large online retailers import their orders from all stores into a central tool and assign them the appropriate shipping option. In this way, a multi-carrier strategy is created step by step.

As a user of Xentral, you can integrate Sendcloud into your ERP platform with just a few clicks. This allows you to automate the manual, time-consuming steps of your shipping process, access more than 80 parcel services, and offer your customers a seamless shipping experience.

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Automated shipping

Put your shipping, picking and packing process on autopilot and speed up your logistics with shipping labels, automated customs documents and custom shipping rules.

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First-class customer experience

Use automated and personalized tracking emails to keep your customers informed. This increases customer satisfaction and reduces the workload of your support team.

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Simplified returns

Set up a returns portal with self-service options and automatic tracking and offer your customers a smooth returns process. Also, use valuable return insights to increase your sales.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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