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Process orders
more quickly

Xentral imports all orders from WooCommerce and allows centralized, seamless order processing – from invoicing to shipping.

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Manage inventory levels

Thanks to Xentral, WooCommerce always knows how many products you still have in stock – and so do your customers. Putting an end to overselling for once and for all.

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Manage product data in
one location

Manage all product data centrally and create new offers in Xentral. Your ERP will compare the data automatically with WooCommerce and other channels.

WooCommerce and Xentral

Important functions for your business

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How to set yourself up with Xentral

Tutorial: Connect WooCommerce and Xentral

In the Xentral Academy, you'll find short videos that make it easy to connect your WooCommerce system to Xentral.

Xentral brings out the best in WooCommerce

Optimize the processes in your WooCommerce shop with Xentral. It only takes a few minutes to integrate and all you need is the API key and your WordPress password.

FAQs for WooCommerce

The most important questions and answers about integrating WooCommerce

Is Xentral also available as a WordPress plugin?

Does Xentral have to be the lead system when integrating WooCommerce?

Will the interface to Xentral still work if I use plugin XYZ?