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No costs

We want to give modern and IT-conscious teams the opportunity to use xentral free of charge

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You decide which xentral version is the best fit for your team: xentral Open Source or xentral Home.

Limitless expansion

Freedom and further development are essential values for xentral ERP. Therefore, all xentral versions are open source for you.

One business software for everyone

xentral is based on Open-Source technologies so you have the option of designing your xentral the way you want. As technology, the programming languages PHP and MySQL were used. It is important to us to keep the environment lean and light. You can choose whether you want to use all of the xentral features or if the xentral Open-Source features are enough for you. Depending on that, you can adjust xentral to all of your needs thanks to the powerful API.

Open Source 20.1 with integrated Shopware 6 and Shopify connection

With xentral Open Source 20.1, a new, free xentral ERP version is available for you to download. It is more user friendly than ever thanks to the optimization for mobile devices. The new interfaces to the most important shop systems, like Shopware, Shopify, WooCommerce and Gambio, make the release particularly exciting for online and multi-channel trade.