Customization by a Technological Partner

With the goal in mind to better adapt Xentral to your needs, we are constantly expanding our network of development partners. Due to the close cooperation with the Xentral partner companies, we maintain a community of experienced and professional companies for the implementation of your specific needs. You are also welcome to contact us with a partner you trust. 


Depending on your requirements, we will find a matching devlopment partner for you. You are also welcome to develop in house or establish a new partnership with a company you already know. In the so-called customizing process, your needs, wishes, challenges and milestones are discussed and agreed upon together. Specifically in the initial phase, we are in close contact with your technology partner in order to ensure the successful implementation of your processes. Therefore please do not be surprised if you come into contact with a Xentral colleague in the course of the cooperation. In this way we can ensure that your project runs smoothly.

Will my Xentral remain upgradable?

Xentral partner companies only work in code areas that do not affect the core of the software. This way, the update capability of your Xentral system is ensured as long as the partner company adheres to the standards defined by Xentral.

You still have questions?

Please contact our sales department via our ticket system or by phone +49 821 268 41 0 40.
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