Shipping via Amazon or your own warehouse?

Xentral supports both

Xentral for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

With FBA, you have your goods shipped by Amazon. If you use this option, Xentral can be integrated easily in your FBA setup. In this way, you can continue outsourcing your entire logistics to Amazon. Xentral will issue your invoices automatically, synchronize your warehouse and save all customer data centrally in the CRM.

Xentral for Amazon and fulfilling yourself Amazon (FBM)

If you have your own warehouse and take care of shipping yourself or use a non-Amazon fulfiller, Xentral allows you to process your Amazon orders seamlessly. Your ERP will import all orders, synchronize your inventory levels with Amazon, help you with accounting and much more besides.

Amazon and Xentral

All key functions at a glance