Xentral & Shopware

Connect your Shopware shop with Xentral and automate your entire eCommerce business – from offers, orders and inventory optimization to shipping and invoicing.
No credit card needed. No installation.
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    Seamless order processing

    Import all Shopware orders automatically in Xentral for seamless order processing – from invoicing to shipping.
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    No more 

    With Xentral, your Shopware shop knows at any given time how many products you still have in stock. Meaning that overselling is finally a thing of the past.
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    All product data in one place

    Manage your product data centrally. Create new offers in Xentral and synchronize them directly with your Shopware shop – and with all other channels.
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How Xentral & Shopware work together

Import orders, manage inventory and maintain product data: Discover how Xentral optimizes and automates your Shopware order-to-cash process.
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All key functions at a glance

Import all orders

Xentral imports all orders from your sales channels for you. In combination with our CRM features, you are able to keep track of all order and customer data at all times and to process your orders smoothly and efficiently.

Synchronize your warehouse

Xentral lets your Shopware shop and your customers know how many articles you still have in stock at any given time. Which puts an end to overselling for once and for all.

Manage your product data

With Xentral, you manage your products and offers at a central location and synchronize them from there with Shopware & or the other way around.

Integrate articles for cross-selling

By integrating several articles within Xentral, your Shopware shop knows what belongs together and can suggest the right products to customers for cross-selling.

SEO boost for Shopware articles

Optimize your Shopware products for search engines by saving metadata, images and more in several languages in Xentral.

Integrate subshops and channels

Shopware subshops can be mapped as separate channels in Xentral. As well as this, the integration maps all secondary shopware channels like Google Shopping.

Synchronize order and shipping status

With the aid of Xentral, you will send the status and tracking number to Shopware and your customers automatically when shipping an order.

User-defined formatting and synchronization

Xentral´s Smarty technology allows you to format Shopware data flexibly and synchronize it with Xentral based on your own user definitions.

How to integrate Shopware 6

Tutorial: Shopware 6 and Xentral

In the Xentral Academy, you will find a complete course on how to integrate your Shopware 6 shop. Take a look at the first video to find out how you can get started with Shopware 6 and Xentral ERP.
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The most important questions and answers for Shopware users

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