Xentral ERP for B2C & B2B

Two business channels, one interface

Easily handle B2B and B2C operations separately, yet enjoy unified item management and order views. Track finances effortlessly for each part of your business, gaining business insights in real time.

Tailored to fit each sales channel - full oversight, swift fulfillment, and personalized communication

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    Choose your level of control

    Automate online sales orders, or choose manual input for B2B orders—it's all up to you. Customize how you want each part of your business to operate.
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    Ready for different workflows

    Prioritize personal customer relationships in your B2B process while effortlessly managing automated B2C sales. Simplify it all with Xentral.
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    Tailored logistics

    Take control of your logistics your way. Whether it's a B2C warehouse in Munich and B2B fulfillment from Berlin, tailor your setup to your preferences.
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Two worlds, one platform

Discover how Xentral lets you run B2C and B2B processes side by side, hassle-free and with full oversight.
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Simplify your work with connected tools

Take advantage of a unified platform for all your business processes. Connect Xentral with your most important B2B and B2C tools.
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Xentral ERP can be used to process completely different order volumes, making it suitable for wholesalers or B2B companies as well as for the B2C sector.

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Explore more Xentral highlights for your business

e-Commerce integrations

Our Connect technology makes it easy to link your online stores and marketplaces to your Xentral ERP. These integrations are highly scalable and you can set them up with a simple no-code interface.

Custom B2B workflows

Automated reminders help you to keep track of all important steps. In addition, Xentral offers you clear analyses in real time and a drag-and-drop Kanban board to drive projects forward in a visual interface.

Tailor how you pick, pack, and ship

Xentral allows you to customize your warehouse, refine picking processes, and automate carrier handovers. That also works if you work with a third-party fulfiller. Added bonus for both, B2B and B2C: whenever you need, you can get real-time inventory updates and reorder notifications so you’ll never run out of stock.

Chaos-free returns, happy customers, accurate records

Handle returns smoothly with our automated portal. Customize the portal to fit your style with just a few clicks and manage all returns without effort. The refund processing with Xentral is easy to automate.

Address management

Easily manage important data like payment conditions, credit limits, dunning, and more for all your customers and suppliers. Xentral automates document distribution to various customer addresses.

Customizable offers and orders

Different customers have different needs. You can customize discounts, item descriptions, and design layouts easily to match the relationship with each of them.

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