Xentral ERP for B2B

Born to be B2B

Made by founders who know B2B inside out. Xentral gives you a clear view of your suppliers and customers in an interface that suits your business style.

B2B as easy as it gets.
Build better relationships, increase sales, and close deals quickly.

    Interactive Product Demo

    See how Xentral helps you run your B2B business

    Discover core B2B functions like contact management, credit limits, offer tracking, email templates, and more in a short free tour.
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    All your B2B tasks in one place

    Integrate your bank, accounting software, fulfillment partners, freight forwarding, and more to make Xentral the single source of truth for your B2B business.
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    The warehouse management features and the order traffic light make all processes that previously had to be carried out manually easier.

    Thomas Hankele

    Founder IMOTEC Montagetechnik


    Explore more Xentral highlights for your B2B business

    Address management

    Easily manage payment conditions, credit limits, and more. Xentral automates document distribution to various customer addresses.

    Customizable offers and orders

    Different customers have different needs. You can customize discounts, item descriptions, and design layouts easily to match the relationship with each of them.

    Conditional grouping of customers

    Organize customers into relevant clusters based on similar conditions for less manual work. Allowing for targeted communication, personalized offers, and standardized management processes. 

    Mange your procurement process

    In Xentral you can manage all things procurement effortlessly. Receive order suggestions tailored to your product info and warehouse stock. Set supplier terms, store special agreements, refine warehouse operations, and more.

    Automated Dunning System

    Xentral's automated dunning system keeps your customers informed about outstanding invoices, sending reminders via email or printed mail, tailored to your needs.

    Pro forma invoices

    If you use pro forma invoices, such as when transferring goods internally, Xentral offers the necessary features. Upon payment, Xentral seamlessly converts the pro forma invoice to a standard one.

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