Xentral ERP System: Order Processing

Orders handled with speed, precision, and zero hassle

Fully automate your order processing. Ditch manual tasks and handle large order volumes with ease.

Let automatic workflows handle the heavy lifting. So you have time for what truly matters.

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    Get rid of friction

    Automate tasks, see where orders are and know what’s in stock. Always in real time.
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    Less switching between tools

    Your sales channels, accounting, carriers, and automatic error-checking all in one system.
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    Scale without the headache

    Swap Excel for smart workflows to manage repetitive tasks, giving you more time to help customers.
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See automated order processing in action

Learn how Xentral effortlessly handles orders, automates shipping, and creates receipts that customers need.
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Slice through order chaos with connected tools

Connect seamlessly with fulfillers, carriers, payment solutions, accounting software, and more to make your order processing smoother and more efficient.
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Once you've got the hang of it, Xentral is super easy to use. From the office to the warehouse to production. We process 20,000 orders a year with a small team.


Operations Manager, SAUERLAND GmbH


Xentral's order processing essentials

Import orders from your sales channels

Xentral connects with popular online stores such as Amazon, Shopify, and eBay, automatically importing all orders. Orders from other channels can also be easily added using a CSV upload.

Track your orders with our easy traffic-light system

With the traffic light system, you can easily see the status of each order. You get to choose what happens next. For example, you can set it up to automatically send your order to the logistics process.

Sending orders to your fulfillment

With our traffic light system, you choose which orders go straight to your logistics process. Plus, projects let you create custom workflows for different products, sales channels, or fulfillment methods.

Automated invoice dispatch

Easily send invoices to your customers via email. Xentral automates the process and makes setting up invoice dispatch for each sales channel smooth and efficient.

Synchronize orders and inventory levels

Xentral connects your orders to your warehouse, so you can easily manage your inventory levels, even when you're getting orders from different places.

Offline B2B orders made easy

What if your B2B customers order over the phone or via email? Xentral makes manual order management easy by letting you set rules and workflows for these channels using projects.

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