Xentral: The ERP for SMEs

Do you want to optimize your company? The Xentral business software was developed as an ERP system for SMEs and offers everything that young entrepreneurs need to get started right away.

SMEs: Indispensable for the economy

Even though companies of the size of Google, SAP, Tesla or VW are omnipresent in the press, this does not mean that small and medium-sized companies have to hide from the world. So-called "hidden champions" are global market leaders in their very special field, but often only employ a few hundred people - if at all - and are therefore classified as small and medium-sized enterprises, or SMEs for short. Start-ups can usually also be placed in this category.

The importance of SMEs is best described in figures: According to statista.de, 99.4% of all German private companies are made up of SMEs. It would therefore not be an exaggeration to say that an ERP for SMEs is an ERP for (almost) everyone.

Objectives of ERPs for SMEs

The number one objective that small and medium-sized companies pursue with ERPs and business operations software is, of course, one thing above all: growth. ERP systems are intended to pave the way for the further scaling of projects. However, enterprise resource planning is not just an investment in the future. SMEs are usually looking for helpers in their day-to-day business that automate standardized processes as much as possible. This creates the necessary space to concentrate on the important things again. SME ERPs should also be used to analyze problems and reveal potential for optimization. To achieve this, all business processes are bundled in the ERP and usually visualized in the form of dashboards.
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What is important when choosing software solutions

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    Over time, your company will continue to grow and with it the demands on your tech stack. To ensure that your business software can be adapted to new circumstances, it should be possible to connect new functions and/or third-party providers using interfaces.
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    Flexible price model

    Money doesn't grow on trees. Founders of SMEs in particular know this, as they often do not have a massive amount of capital at their disposal. This is often also true for SMEs. For this reason, the ERP of your choice should be financeable via a monthly or annual price model so that you can freely decide what suits your setting.
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    Fast availability

    When your order volume increases and your existing workflows reach their limits, things have to move quickly: Your ERP should be able to relieve you of work and simplify your day-to-day business again in as little time as possible. For this reason, it should be possible to familiarize yourself with the system as quickly and intuitively as possible.
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    When dealing with ERP software, questions always arise. A competent support team should be on hand to assist you and help you if necessary. It also helps if your SME ERP has a strong community behind it. Users often help each other out!

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