Xentral ERP for manufacturing

Buy, produce, and sell—all in one tool!

With Xentral, you can manage buying supplies, making products, and selling them all in one place. Whether your production is in-house or outsourced, you have everything you need without the trouble of using multiple programs.

From receiving orders to warehouse management to shipping–let Xentral handle the entire process

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    Complete control from sourcing to processing

    Xentral provides the essential tools to manage the first step in creating great products: purchasing raw materials, components, and overseeing their processing.
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    Full overview, wherever your production happens

    With Xentral, you can easily manage your simple, in-house production tasks. Plus, handle production requests for outsourced manufacturers—all in one platform.
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    Sell, fulfill, and keep financial records tidy

    Once you've produced your goods, Xentral handles everything from importing orders to fulfilling them, getting paid, and even organizing your financials for the accountant!
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See Xentral’s production skills in action

Discover how Xentral's ERP system can help you manage production processes, including bill of materials, component delivery, serial numbers, and product warehousing.
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Unify your workflows with connected tools

Connect seamlessly with suppliers, sales channels, fulfillers, carriers, accounting software, and more. For fast, frictionless operations.
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Once you've got the hang of it, the work is easy. From the office to the warehouse to production.




Explore more Xentral highlights for your fulfillment business

Bill of materials

Xentral makes it easy to manage all the parts and materials needed for your products, showing exactly how they should be used in the final product. It's a great tool for simplifying production in any industry.

Time Tracking

Xentral lets you track the working hours of your production employees and record their wages. This way, you can include labor costs in your product calculations.

Product Costing

With Xentral, you can record purchase prices and additional costs per produced item, such as shipping, energy, wages, and more. This ensures you get accurate product cost calculations instantly.

Manage different parts of your business

Easily handle procurement, production and sales in separate projects, yet enjoy unified item management and order views. Track finances effortlessly for each project, gaining business insights in real time.

Tailored logistics

You can design separate logistics processes for your warehouses, including production, intermediate storage (Zwischenlager), fulfillment warehouse, and quarantine storage (Sperrlager). Xentral allows you to tailor your setup to your preferences.

BBD, batches and serial numbers

With Xentral, you can track expiration dates and serial numbers, choose the best warehouse processes for your needs, and easily recall faulty products by batch number. The system supports both FiFo and LiFo principles throughout production and retail processes.

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