WooCommerce Integration

Integrate your WordPress WooCommerce shop within Xentral and automate your workflows. Xentral makes it easier to manage offers, orders, inventory levels and shipping.
No credit card needed. No installation.
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    Process orders more quickly

    Xentral imports all orders from WooCommerce and allows centralized, seamless order processing – from invoicing to shipping.
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    Manage inventory levels centrally

    Thanks to Xentral, WooCommerce always knows how many products you still have in stock – and so do your customers. Putting an end to overselling for once and for all.
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    Manage product data in one location

    Manage all product data centrally and create new offers with variants in Xentral. Your ERP automatically synchronizes the data with WooCommerce and other channels.
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How Xentral & WooCommerce work together

Process your WooCommerce orders even faster with the Xentral. Click your way through the interactive product tour and discover how you can optimize your order-to-cash process.
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Important functions for your business

Import orders automatically

Xentral importiert alle Aufträge, die in deinem WooCommerce Shop eingehen. Du entscheidest, in welchem Status Xentral die Aufträge zur weiteren Verarbeitung synchronisiert.

Synchronize warehouses

Xentral automatically reports your inventory levels to your WooCommerce shop. This creates transparency for your customers and makes overselling a thing of the past.

Manage product data centrally

With Xentral, you will finally be able to manage your products and offers centrally and synchronize the data with WooCommerce & or the other way around.

Multiple WooCommerce shops

Xentral can integrate more than one WooCommerce shop easily. With Xentral, you can configure each workflow individually and keep track of all sales figures per channel.

Synchronize order and shipping status

With Xentral, you send the latest order status directly to WooCommerce. When goods are shipped, your ERP also sends the tracking number to WooCommerce and to your customers.

Adapt formats and synchronizations

With its Smarty technology, Xentral gives you maximum freedom when formatting your data from WooCommerce. You can define in each individual case how the data is to be synchronized to Xentral.

How to set yourself up with Xentral

Tutorial: eBay and Xentral

In the Xentral Academy, you will find straightforward videos that will show you how to integrate your online shop within Xentral in just a few minutes. Get started with the first video and find out how to optimize your eBay sales with Xentral.
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The most important questions and answers about integrating WooCommerce

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