Xentral ERP for fulfillers

Fulfill your clients' orders in record time

Automatically receive orders from clients' sales channels and manage them in any warehouse. Fulfill with customizable rules and connect seamlessly with all shipment services, all fully automated.

From receiving orders to warehouse management to shipping–let Xentral handle the entire process

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    Ship fast, track instantly

    Easily link with multiple platforms to receive orders from your clients' online stores. Provide them with real-time updates on stock numbers and shipment tracking.
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    Pick, pack, (re)organize

    Easily handle complex warehouse organization and speed up commissioning tasks by going paperless. Making everything smoother and faster.
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    Simplify fulfillment for your clients

    Ship your clients' orders hassle-free! Use their shipment providers managed by them or set up your own agreements for a complete service.
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See how Xentral helps you run your fulfillment business

Learn how you can set client rules, manage returns, connect shops, exchange inventory data, streamline warehouse management, and more in this short tour.
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Your fullfillment business fully automated

Link to your clients' shops, marketplaces, and shipment providers, or connect directly with Xentral users via our transfer module for automated, hassle-free fulfillment.
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All relevant business areas are covered by the program. Whether sales, CRM, purchasing, warehouse management or accounting, everything is mapped with many features that make work easier.

Andreas Murr

CEO, Complast GmbH


Explore more Xentral highlights for your fulfillment business

Mobile inventory app

If you're overseeing a warehouse are and responsible for tracking inventory across multiple clients, you understand its significance for their business operations. Maintaining regular inventory analyses is crucial, and Xentral simplifies this task with an intuitive mobile inventory app.

Simple billing

Easily track the number of picks made for each client, along with associated costs and warehouse space usage. With Xentral, calculating these metrics and billing clients accordingly is a breeze.

Handle your clients’s returns

Xentral provides a returns portal, allowing you to create customized returns interfaces for each client and efficiently manage all returns through this platform. Easily set up each portal independently, without the need for external agencies or partners.

Built-in reporting

With Xentral, you can easily analyze your clients' sales data, including what they sell, when, and on which channels. Our simple, clear reports empower you to offer additional insights and services to your clients. These reports also help you assess your own fulfillment performance and your clients' business performance effectively.

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