Xentral & eBay

Integrating Xentral optimizes the most important processes in your eBay seller shop: With Xentral, you automate your offers, order management, inventory optimization and shipping processing.
No credit card needed. No installation.
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    Process orders seamlessly

    Import all orders from eBay into Xentral and benefit from centralized, seamless order processing – from invoicing to shipping.
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    Do away with overselling

    With Xentral, your eBay seller shop always knows how many goods you have in stock at any given time. This will keep your customers happy because it puts an end to overselling for once and for all.
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    Organize product data centrally

    Manage all product data centrally. Create new offers easily in Xentral and then synchronize them directly with eBay and all other sales channels.
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Xentral for your eBay Shop

Connect your eBay shop with Xentral and speed up your order processing. Click through the interactive product tour and discover how Xentral supports your eBay business.
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The most important functions for eBay

Synchronize your orders

Xentral imports all orders from your eBay shop. You decide in which status your orders should be synchronized for further processing.

Synchronize your warehouse

Xentral tells your eBay shop automatically how many articles are still available in your warehouse. Your customers will also see this & and you´ll never have to deal with overselling.

Manage all product data

With Xentral, you manage your products and offers centrally and synchronize them easily with eBay. The synchronization between the two systems also works the other way around.

Use more than one eBay shop

With Xentral, you can integrate multiple different eBay seller shops easily and configure their workflows individually. In this way, you can keep track of all sales figures for each channel.

Use templates for product pages

Use existing HTML templates or create entirely new templates for your eBay product pages. Xentral fills your pages automatically with variables from your product database.

Integrate eBay Payments

Integrate your eBay seller shop within Xentral and save your bank details so that your customers can pay via eBay Payments using PayPal, ApplePay, credit cards, etc.

Export order and shipping status

Xentral automatically sends the latest order status to eBay for you. Your ERP then also passes on the tracking number to eBay directly and to your customers.

Format data based on user definitions

Xentral offers you flexibility when formatting data: Thanks to its Smarty technology, you can format eBay data flexibly and synchronize it with Xentral based on your user definitions.

Free Video Training

How to integrate the Xentral eBay integration

In the Xentral Academy, you will find straightforward videos that will show you how to integrate your online shop within Xentral in just a few minutes. Get started with the first video and find out how to optimize your eBay sales with Xentral.
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