ERP System for omnichannel businesses

Combine your online and offline business, hassle-free!

Whether you're moving from a physical shop to online or vice versa, Xentral unites both worlds in one tool. Managing inventory, orders, payments, and returns, so you can focus on giving your customers the best experience—everywhere.

Simplify every aspect of your sales process from online orders to in-store pickups.

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    Click & collect

    Verbinde dein Kassensystem oder wähle aus den Optionen und Partnern von Xentral aus, wie z.B. Shopify POS oder Flour POS.
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    Connect your existing cash register, or pick from Xentral's options and partners like Shopify POS or Flour POS.
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    One system for all your sales

    Link your online stores and marketplaces to your Xentral ERP with a few simple clicks. Making it easy to handle sales, orders, and returns hassle-free.
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Witness Xentral’s omnichannel power at work

Explore how Xentral ERP brings together automated online sales, your POS system, Click & Collect options, and custom logistics processes into one easy-to-use tool.
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Simplify your online and offline sales with connected tools

Connect your e-commerce channels, carriers like Sendcloud, Shipcloud, or Exporto, and your preferred POS system—whether it's by Xentral, Flour, Shopify, or another provider—all in one simple tool.
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Everything is from a single source, whether POS or online shop, everything can be controlled from the programme. Even Amazon and Co. are no problem.

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All features you'll need for your omnichannel business

Custom logistics per channel

In-store and online sales are often managed separately. With Xentral, you can customize warehouse and logistics processes for each sales channel, adapting to your daily needs and keeping full control of your inventory.

Returns and credit notes

Decide how you want to manage returns and credit notes based on whether the purchase was made online or in-store. This makes things simpler for customers and keeps your records organized.

Pricing flexibility

Managing your online and in-store product data with Xentral offers several benefits. It eliminates redundant tasks and gives you the flexibility to set separate prices for the same products, both online and offline.

Adding shops online and offline

With Xentral, you can easily add multiple online sales channels and physical stores without any restrictions, making it an ideal solution to grow with your expanding business.

DATEV compliant financial records

Xentral automates the consolidation of your accounts from both online and in-store operations, allowing you to transfer all records to your bookkeeper in a DATEV compliant format. This process is accurate, fast, and saves you time by centralizing all tasks within one tool.

A smart procurement solution

Xentral suggests orders based on your product info, warehouse stock, and delivery times, helping you stay prepared to deliver. You can also set payment and delivery terms for suppliers, and store framework agreements for special prices, order volumes, or timeframes.

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