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Since 2017, we've made a rocket launch into the ERP universe! We've established a smart and lean SAAS solution for entrepreneurs across industries. In 2020, we tripled our revenue and have convinced over 1,000 customers of our product to date. This allowed us to expand our team to 150 colleagues from more than 20 countries. We work remotely, stay grounded, and have our thoughts in the sky. Suit up in your space suit and join the journey! Don't believe what we're saying? Career pages tend to exaggerate, right? Well, we can prove our credibility: in 2017, Freigeist, led by tech investor Frank Thelen, joined the company. Their reputation as an excellent seed investor is undeniable. This year kicks off with a Series A funding supported by Sequoia Capital – you might have heard of their investments in Apple, Google, Zoom, or Miro (; – and Visionaries Club, the fund where German tech entrepreneurs and founders invest. Still not enough? No problem, we have more: we successfully closed our Series B funding, and Tiger Global and Meritech Capital have joined the team – want a few examples there too? Facebook, Snowflake, Salesforce, UiPath, etc.
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The Xentral DNA

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    10 Lines of code can transform a customer’s life

    Our product is critical for our customers and even the smallest changes can have a huge impact. We pay attention to details and prioritise what’s important. Saving as little as 10 seconds on a regular task for a customer results in an amazing impact for their business and a huge leap forward for our software.
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    Snap together

    Building and operating an ERP system can be fun, but it can also be hell. When we work together though, we succeed. We always perceive the glass as half full and life as too short for doing things that don’t bring us joy. We are open to everything, love technology and to try out what’s new. We work on solutions and not on problems, our feet are down to earth with our minds in the sky. We keep our humor, even when it is the hardest thing to do. We love what we do and we love to do it well.
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    Think modularly

    Our product mission is critical for our customers and even the smallest changes can have a huge impact. We break down complex problems into their smaller, modular components. Solving them one after another and focussing on the most important first. We pursue the lean way first to cope with complexity. Try out, learn fast and repeat. This applies to both: our product and to ourselves. Sometimes a small prototype or fast solution can have an incredible impact and these small steps lead to the biggest changes.

Our values

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    A coder´s mindset

    At Xentral, it's not just our developers who have a developer mindset, each of us does. In every team, we strive to add value with everything we do. This means that not only our software is lean, but also all our processes and our daily work! We pay attention to the details to create the best possible customer experience.
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    Love what you do

    We love, what we do! No matter which team our Xentraleers work in, fun and passion are important to us. Xentral wants to give everyone the opportunity to do what fulfills them.
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    Win together

    We believe in mutual success. As team players, we bring different perspectives and experiences to everything we tackle to ensure we achieve the best possible.

Who believes in us


In 2017, Frank Thelen joined Xentral as a successful seed investor with Freigeist. 2021 began with a Series A funding backed by Sequoia Capital and Visionaries Club. In addition, we closed our Series B financing and persuaded Tiger Global and Meritech Capital to continue developing Xentral.

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