Xentral ERP for Home & Garden

Sell at scale with rapid shipping

Manage high order volumes from all sales channels stress-free. Bringing beauty to every customer's home with high speed.

Let automatic workflows handle your sales. So you have time for your business.

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    Less switching between tools

    Fully automate your order processing. Ditch manual tasks and handle large order volumes with ease.
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    Connect all your systems

    Our Connect technology makes it easy to link your online stores and marketplaces to your Xentral ERP.
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    Procurement on autopilot

    Know what's in stock, get supplier insights in real time and ensure regulatory compliance - all while sticking to your budget.
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See automated order processing in action

Learn how Xentral effortlessly handles orders, automates shipping, and creates receipts that customers need.
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Slice through order chaos with connected tools

Connect seamlessly with fulfillers, carriers, payment solutions, accounting software, and more to make your order processing smoother and more efficient.
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We switched from Billbee to Xentral because the scope of features Billbee offered was no longer suitable for us.

Torge Kahl, Co-Founder DieStadtgärtner

Torge Kahl

Co-Founder DieStadtgärtner

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Explore more Xentral highlights for your business

Central item management

Manage all product details the easy way. Handle attributes, storage, batch numbers, shelf life, and more with control over texts, images, and prices.

Real-Time supplier inventory integration

Connecting the retailer's ERP system to supplier inventory provides real-time visibility and accuracy in stock levels, optimizing inventory management and order fulfillment. This enhances operational efficiency, reduces costs, and improves customer satisfaction through timely and accurate product availability.

Efficient picking & packing

Easily handle complex warehouse organization and speed up commissioning tasks by going paperless. Making everything smoother and faster. Make commissioning easy and warehouse movements trackable with efficient routes for faster processing. Never worry about fulfillment delays again.

Ready for 3PL and Dropshipping

With Xentral’s dropshipping and fulfillment integrations, orders placed by customers trigger automatic notifications to partners, who then handle the fulfillment process directly.

Sets, bundles, and product variants

Xentral lets you handle product variations and bundle them together, giving you the freedom to create attractive offers and discounts for your customers.

Chaos-free returns

Handle returns smoothly with our automated portal. Customize the portal to fit your style with just a few clicks and manage all returns without effort. The refund processing with Xentral is easy to automate.

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