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Selling your product in the supermarket: how to make the shelves of Safeway, Walmart, Tesco, etc.

For companies eager to make the move from e-commerce to brick-and-mortar retailing, having products on supermarket shelves is the ultimate accolade.



E-commerce trends: 10 exciting developments that online sellers should not sleep on

Find out what trends are currently circulating and how you can use them for your business

View of an opened laptop standing on a white table in front of a houseplant and next to a red coffee cup. A person is looking at a dashboard and typing something on the keyboard. Keeping track of a multichannel system is hard. We'll show you what's important!

Multichannel system: less effort but greater success for the company

Learn how you can significantly increase your sales by using a multichannel system.


Inventory Management



Internal vs. External Warehouses: The differences and benefits for your online store

With the rapid growth of eCommerce, many businesses will need to decide between running an internal warehouse vs. external. Xentral’s Nico Wengler provides his expert advice in this post.

Portrait der beiden Scooper Energy Gründer Patrick Fuchs und Michael Gueth vor türkisem Hintergrund. Wir blicken hinter die Erfolgsgeschichte von Scooper Energy und Xentral!


Scooper Energy - a different kind of caffeine kick

Sustainable growth – from the start: Scooper Energy works more efficiently every day with Xentral

Die Stadtgärtner: 100 Stunden mehr Zeit für die Natur und nachhaltiges Wachstum mit Xentral

The city gardeners: 100 hours more time for nature

The city gardeners know all about growth. The city gardeners soon needed a technical solution so that their processes didn't get out of hand.


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ERP setup in just two weeks – How the new Xentral video onboarding led to success in record time

What needs to be considered?

Laptop mit Xentral-Oberfläche und daneben eine Tüte mit Agata-Kaffeebohnen

AGÁTA - Fair caffeine kicks with a personal touch

Discover how Agáta saves a lot of time, money, and nerves through the use of Xentral as an ERP system.







How e-food start-up 3Bears dispatched 15,000 orders in a single day with Xentral ERP

Success with Porridge