Sales Orders 200px

Seamless order processing

Import all Shopify orders automatically in Xentral for seamless order processing – from invoicing to shipping.

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No more 

With Xentral, your Shopify shop knows at any given time how many products you still have in stock. Meaning that overselling is finally a thing of the past.

Connected Data 200px

All product data
in one place

Manage your product data centrally. Create new offers in Xentral and synchronize them directly with your Shopify shop – and with all other channels.

Great news!

Xentral becomes a certified Local ERP Partner of Shopify!

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Integration made easy

Tutorial: Shopify & Xentral

In the Xentral Academy, you will find a complete course on how to integrate your Shopify shop. Take a look at the first video to see how you can integrate Shopify in your Xentral ERP.

Shopify & Xentral

All key functions at a glance

Get started with Shopify and Xentral

In just a few minutes, you can integrate your shop with your cloud ERP and set the wheels in motion – all you need is an API key and your Shopify password.

FAQ on Shopify integration

The most important questions and answers for Shopify users

Can I synchronize additional information between Shopify and Xentral?

Can I synchronize vouchers between Xentral and Shopify?

Does Xentral have to be the lead system?

Kann ich externe Lager an meinen Shopify Shop anbinden?