That’s how easy eCommerce is with Xentral ERP

Multichannel: central and synchronized

Connect all of your sales channels in the xentral ERP software and simplify the administration of your orders! xentral links your online shop, your marketplace and your store. All orders are automatically imported and managed synchronously.

Automated orders

Process your orders more efficiently! xentral imports all of your orders automatically, directly aligns your inventories and loads the updated versions into all of your sales channels. The eCommerce software has an overview of all goods and informs you directly of articles that need to be reordered.

eCommerce controlling made easy

With xentral, you can centrally manage all of your incoming and outgoing invoices for your online shops and marketplaces. To keep your administrative work at a minimum, the ERP branch solution can preassign your invoices and even send them to your accounting system automatically. Don’t waste any more time on tasks that xentral can do for you.

Key features for your professional E-Commerce