The solution to fulfillment frustration

How many articles do I have in stock – and where do I have them?

Even the most appealing online shop won’t generate sales if goods management processes don’t run smoothly. Because if that happens, your warehouse and your customers’ shopping carts will remain empty. Xentral eliminates fulfillment stress by monitoring your inventory as a business operations software.

Your inventory levels, your challenges

Online retailers without ERP and structured processes are only too familiar with these challenges in inventory management and fulfillment:

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Out-of-sync inventory levels

Even if you’re able to keep track of your inventory levels in Excel, you won’t be able to synchronize the inventories in your shops and marketplaces.


Picking and packing without a system

Without an optimized picking and packing system, your team will cover unnecessary ground in the warehouse and often end up with the wrong articles. 

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Documentation stress

Do you have to meet rigorous documentation requirements? Without transparency, BWA, MSL, and batch and serial numbers remain an impenetrable black box.

Say goodbye to empty warehouses

Synchronize your sales channels with your orders and inventories and keep a close eye on key warehouse figures. Xentral automates your goods management and reduces errors – making your customers happy in double-quick time.

Overcome these fulfillment challenges with Xentral

The top 3 Xentral features for your inventory management


Warehouse management

Xentral offers you the flexibility you need to set up warehouses based on your individual needs – whether small, large or external warehouses, and with or without fulfillers. Set up your own preferred shelves and storage locations and keep track of your inventory levels at all times.


Multistage pick-and-pack process

Xentral is at hand with a multistage pick-and-pack process so your team can pick efficiently and minimize shipping errors.


Batches and minimum storage life

If you want your business to succeed in the food and beverage market, you need to have transparency as regards batch numbers and minimum shelf life. In Xentral, you will find all details about produced and sold articles with a single click and can always provide information on request.

Get started with an optimized structure

Xentral automates your goods management, reduces errors and optimizes your fulfillment – resulting in lean workflows and satisfied customers.

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Fast, accurate shipping – par for the course for Xentral customers

Shipping errors cut by half: With Xentral, Liebscher & Bracht succeeded in reducing their error rate in shipping by 50% and now dispatches over 1,000 packages a day smoothly and efficiently.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

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