Recommend Xentral to a friend

Here's how it works:

Email 200px

You recommend Xentral via email

You recommend xentral to a friend via email and tell us about it by sending an email to

Customers 200px

Your recommendation receives one free month

The friend becomes a Xentral customer and receives a free month.

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You receive 150€

For each referred company you will receive 150€ - either as Xentral credit or in form of an Amazon voucher.

Conditions of participation

1. participants

All existing customers of Xentral ERP Software GmbH can participate in the "Customers Recruit Customers" program. Existing customers are all business customers who have a contract with Xentral ERP Software GmbH for the Xentral ERP product at the time of participation in the program. Employees of Xentral ERP Software GmbH and its affiliated companies as well as their relatives are excluded from participation. It is possible to refer more than one new customer, up to a maximum of 10 new customers per month by the respective existing customer.

2. recommendation

The prerequisite for participation in this program is the referral of a new customer by an existing customer. To qualify as a new customer, the following requirements apply: there is no existing contractual relationship with Xentral ERP Software GmbH or one of its affiliated companies, the company has not already requested or received an offer from Xentral in the last 3 weeks prior to the referral, if there was a contractual relationship with Xentral in the past, this was at least 6 months ago at the time of the referral. The newly recruited customer contacts before making the booking and provides the contact details of the recommending existing customer. The new customer then books the Xentral ERP software product. It is not possible to specify the recommendation afterwards. The decision about the successful conclusion of a contract is made by Xentral ERP Software GmbH.

3. premium

In case of a successful referral, the referrer will receive either a 150€ Amazon voucher or 150€ in the form of an Xentral voucher, according to his choice. The new customer will receive his booked Xentral product/package for free for one month. Both bonuses will be granted after successful payment of the first three monthly invoices of the new customer or will be offset against the following invoice. There is no entitlement to cash payment. Any claim to the premium is not transferable or encumberable.

4. miscellaneous

By participating in the "Customers Recruit Customers" program, the recommending existing customer accepts these terms and conditions. This program and/or rewards cannot be combined with other promotions of Xentral ERP Software GmbH.


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