We use the Shopify e-commerce platform, but Xentral is the system we call the "beating heart" of our business, as everything goes in or out through it.

Tim Nichols

Founder & CEO of 3bears

Agáta & Xentral

A success story

Can your business scale with Xentral?

When Xentral is the right choice

Set-up for business growth

Set up Xentral step by step
– with the Xentral Academy

The Cloud ERP offers you intuitive functions
and flexibility when starting out.

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Videos for teaching yourself

With the straightforward instructional videos on our onboarding platform, you will be able to set up your Xentral step by step and at your own pace – without any knowledge of programming.


Does Xentral ERP fit my business?

How does an ERP system work?

When do you need an ERP system?

Who uses ERP systems?

Is ERP the same as CRM?

Why do ERP systems have anything to do with e-commerce?