Xentral ERP for all areas of your business

Integrate and simplify your orders, stock, payment and delivery in a single platform.

Product data (PIM)

Never again lose track of your product data – and use Xentral’s interfaces for importing and exporting data quickly.

Customer data & CRM

Xentral bundles all data from customers and suppliers for you and simplifies your CRM processes.


In Xentral, you can keep track of your suppliers and purchases, ordering what you need when you need it. 

Warehouse management

Manage your warehouses and keep tabs on your inventory at all times. Xentral allows you to avoid empty warehouses and chaos.


Xentral provides all the functions you need for an automated and efficient shipping process or directly integrates your fulfiller.

Reporting and Analytics

Xentral provides the overview. Use standard reports for your analyses or build your own reporting using SQL or your BI tool.


Xentral helps to make internal and external production processes more transparent – allowing you to plan your resources with maximum precision.


Xentral helps you to automate your accounting and dunning – and to make sense of tax questions.

Integrate your existing tool landscape
with just a few clicks

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Xentral offers

Immediate Benefits

ERP comes with cost and complexity.  We’re here to change that. 

Xentral removes the cost and simplifies implementation so you get the benefits of operational improvement from day one without making a hole in your budget or your business.

Evolution Without Disruption

Xentral enables change without disrupting business processes.  From your warehouse to your payment system, we can improve the status quo with simple smart steps: Removing silos and manual processes, lowering the cost of operations and impr