How to Amazon: Learnings from Sven Griebel from entry to exit

Learn all about Amazon Business in our Founder Talk...
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Automated accounting in e-commerce:

How to simplify your invoice workflow...
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Xentral Implementation

Mechanical engineering meets food business: How supernutural solves the toughest processes with Xentral

How to combine direct sales and online store in one tool...
Xentral x Procuros
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Webinar: Automation from Zero to Omnichannel

How to grow your business online and offline...
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Product Tour Live: Xentral ERP for E-Commerce

Take the next step with your e-commerce business....
paqato webinar
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Customer Experience

Webinar: Xentral & PAQATO - Fan-Building: Learn How Customers Become Real Fans

How to improve the customer experience with smart tools...
8returns gotbag webinar

Webinar: Returns - but please be efficient: How clean processes boost your e-commerce success

Learn how to sustainably reduce your return rate...
qonto webinar

Webinar: The biggest mistakes startups make as they grow - and how to avoid them

Learn how to reduce growing pains...
taxdoo webinar

Webinar: Xentral & Taxdoo - Sell tax-safe abroad in the EU with the One-Stop-Shop

Learn everything you need to know about OSS...

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