Order and transparency for your accounting

Worried about your annual accounts?

Correct invoices, tax-compliant accounting and punctual payments all help you safeguard your liquidity. Xentral offers you functions that simplify your accounting and controlling.

Do these challenges look familiar?

If so, you’re not alone. Many of our customers were faced with exactly the same challenges.

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Poorly structured 

If you don’t have control over your invoices and how they are prepared for your accounting team or tax consultant, you can be sure that errors, chaos and frustration will ensue.

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tax questions

Letters from the tax office and questions from your tax consultant are liable to make you break out into a sweat – because you can’t trace your payment flows.

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Sluggish B2B payment flows

If you don’t have a dunning system in place, there will be missing payments from (B2B) customers – and tracking these down requires the skills of a master detective.

Simplify your accounting

Received payments, accounting and controlling are the pillars of your success. For your business to reach the heights you are aiming for, these need to work like clockwork from day one. Invoices are just the tip of the iceberg here. With Xentral, you automate everything – up to and including DATEV export and transferring data to your tax consultant.

How Xentral helps you get a good night’s sleep

The top 3 Xentral features for your accounting


Interfaces to payment service providers

It’s easy to connect payment service providers like PayPal, Shopify Pay, Stripe, Mollie, etc., via interface to match received payments with your shop orders in Xentral.


Automated payment matching

Xentral monitors incoming B2B orders and matches them with the incoming payments on your bank account. If a payment is missing, you can use the automated dunning system.


DATEV export

Xentral ensures transparency in your accounting, which simplifies preparations for your advance VAT return and annual accounts – complete with intelligent tax handling and DATEV export for tax consultants.

Accounting made easy – with Xentral

A successful business needs a solid basis. Xentral allows you to keep track of your figures and provides you with the necessary transparency. With payments, controlling or tax – you’ll always have everything under control.

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Reliable accounting – as demonstrated by our customers

Since it started working with Xentral, Founderholics has noticed clear improvements in its daily work. Diverse payment services are integrated in a way that facilitates fast and easy assignment to the relevant received payments and documents.

“It makes me happy every time because it’s so easy!”

- Saskia Neukrantz, Founderholics

FAQ Accounting

Can Xentral create and send invoices automatically?

Can I customize the invoice layout and other details like VAT amounts?

I am an Amazon seller. How can I book the payments from my Amazon orders and costs from Amazon correctly and tax-safe?