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Claudia und Benedikt Sauter, Gründer von xentral

xentral - the tool for lean processes and maximum performance

xentral is a lean ERP cloud software with the power to bundle all business processes centrally in one place - from e-commerce, warehouse, production, fulfillment to accounting. Easier, more intuitive and more flexible: With over 1,000 functions and interfaces to all well-known tech tools, every business can digitize and automate its individual processes step-by-step with xentral ERP. This gives entrepreneurs more freedom and increases the potential for smart, efficient growth.

Over 1,000 customers

Young startups and established companies from all industries call xentral their home.

60 brainy people

In the heart of Augsburg and Remote - within 4 years xentral has inspired around 60 brainy employees to join them on this trip together.

Growth - our DNA

Keep evolving - that's what we do every day! Thanks to our strong community, experienced partners and investors, we always remain state-of-the-art.

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About xentral ERP - company information

xentral: The flexible ERP system that grows with your needs

Helping companies grow with smart business software - that’s the vision of Benedikt and Claudia Sauter. With the xentral ERP software from Augsburg, any company can configure the business software to meet their exact individual needs.

The goal of xentral is to offer an ERP system that is intuitive and easy to install and use. The lean software is designed to assist companies across Europe to grow and provide decision makers with all relevant and up-to-date company information at a glance for optimal decision making.

Software for personal use becomes a multimillion company

Benedikt and Claudia Sauter have achieved what many founders dream of: they have been profitable right from the start, they have won over renowned investors Sequoia Capital, Visionaries Club, Freigeist Capital, Wunderlist Founder Christian Reber, they have built up a team of over 60 employees and they are about to continue expanding. However, as with many startups, there have been a few bumps in the road and originally there software was intended for just personal use. More about the Founders Story:

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About Lean ERP Software - product information

The ERP system xentral enables centralised control of all relevant business data to help companies grow faster and more efficiently. The lean and intuitively designed software architecture offers a high degree of flexibility. Startups, as well as SMEs, benefit from xentral’s more than 1,000 functions in sales, production, logistics, finance, team management and project management. xentral offers its business platform as a commercial version xentral Home in three different packages from 65 euros per month. Comprehensive information on pricing and features

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