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Our Management

Benedikt Sauter


Founder & CEO

Claudia Sauter



Berber Krop


VP Global Sales

Holger Ackermann


VP Finance & Business Development

Sven Pirner


Deputy General Manager

Matthias Hofmuth


Head of People & Organization

Tobias Schmid


Head of Engineering

Our Background

xentral is a lean ERP cloud software that bundles all your business processes in one place - from e-commerce, warehouse and production to fulfillment and accounting. Easy, intuitive and flexible: With more than 1,000 functions and interfaces to all common tech tools, every business can digitize and automate its individual processes step-by-step with xentral ERP. We take away the hurdle of day-to-day repetitive tasks and provide an environment in which businesses can grow safely and sustainably.

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Wallstreet Journal protocol The Verge Forbes TechCrunch New York Times

Founder Story: It all started as a software solution for personal use

When they couldn’t find a suitable ERP system for their microcontroller business (embedded project GmbH), Benedikt Sauter and his wife Claudia decided to take matters into their own hands. Benedikt programmed his own enterprise resource planning solution based on open source technologies. “It was important to me that I could easily expand the system if needed, that’s why I chose open source. That is still the basis of xentral to this day”

The software was initially intended for personal use only. But as their customers started asking about it, Benedikt started adapting the version according to their needs and soon enough, the demand for the software outgrew the demand for the hardware. In 2017, Benedikt and Claudia decided to shut down their hardware business to focus on the ERP software. Today, xentral is a multimillion-dollar company backed by Sequoia Capital.

  1. 2008

    Developing a customized ERP system for own business purpose

  2. 2017

    Founding xentral ERP Software GmbH in Augsburg / Germany

  3. 2017

    Freigeist Capital Investment

  4. 2019

    1,000 Customers using xentral to run their business

  5. 2020

    Wunderlist founder Christian Reber joins xentral

  6. 2020

    Goal of 50 employees reached

  7. 2021

    Sequoia Capital and Visionaries Club invests in xentral

Alex Koch

We had tested many ERP systems before, but xentral was extremely innovative and flexible. Not only the user interface, but especially from a technical perspective. I simply didn’t believe that the best software on the market had been developed by such a small team. That’s why I set them a few challenges on site. I was impressed.

Alex Koch

CTO Freigeist Capital

Our Values

Life & Culture @ xentral

Start-Up Culture

Relaxed and laid-back, yet focused and highly motivated. At xentral a healthy start-up culture is alive and well.

Best in Class Training

If you succeed, we succeed. Thats why we invests heavily in further education of our employees. Join us now and learn the skills you always wanted to learn.

Fully remote – if you want

Join us in our beautiful office in the heart of Augsburg or from your favorite Home office location around the world.

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