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Mollie and Xentral simplify both your payment and order management processes.
No credit card needed. No installation.
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    Better overview

    With the integration of Xentral and Mollie, you combine the order management functionality of your ERP system with the benefits of a PSP and get a better overview of cash flow and inventory management.
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    More time

    Orders can be reconciled automatically on the basis of transaction data. This reduces the effort required to process orders from different sales channels.
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    More payment methods

    Offer your customers the most popular payment methods throughout Europe in just a few minutes - and benefit from maximum security thanks to securely encrypted data exchange and individual tokens.
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Functions for simple payment and order processes

Free Video Training

Tutorial: Mollie and Xentral

In the Xentral Academy, you will find straightforward videos that will show you how to integrate your online shop within Xentral in just a few minutes.
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