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  • Efficient workflow automatization
  • Easy integration for instant results
  • Scales seamlessly with your business

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1,200+ companies worldwide rely on xentral

That’s how easy eCommerce is with xentral

Sell your product

Add products directly in xentral and manage incoming orders from all channels in one place. You are well prepared for a higher number of incoming orders.

Manage your inventory

Organize all of your purchasing from requests to orders to delivery and arrears management in one place. xentral also covers your inventory management.

Ship your product

Easily connect xentral with your fulfillment provider and oversee to be or already shipped orders. Manage your warehouses and stock centrally.

Manage your customers

Manage your customer data, vendor data, e-mail correspondence, and more in xentral's intuitive UI to stay on top of every issue and ensure customer satisfaction.

Organize your finances

Create and send invoices automatically, manage credit notes and invoice cancellations. xentral also integrates with tools like Datev or Quickbooks.

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An ERP system that grows with you and your needs

Start today, see immediate results

Fully integrated ERP

Connect all your business areas in one tool with xentral. Cut down on manual processes and save yourself some time to focus on your business growth – and your customers.

From 99€ / month

xentral grows with you and your business. Our dynamic features and licenses are designed to adjust to your needs as your team grows, and your business expands.

Luciana Lixandru

xentral solves the critical backend process problem for e-commerce SMEs with an easy to use modularized approach and intuitive workflows that customers love. Their software is set to redefine the ERP market.

Luciana Lixandru

Partner Sequoia Capital

Easy integration
with your current ecosystem

  • amazon
  • Amazon Pay
  • DATEV-Cloud-Services
  • DHL
  • dpd
  • ebay
  • EDI
  • ePost
  • FedEx
  • Fidor
  • GLS
  • GO!
  • Google
  • HubSpot
  • klarna
  • amazon
  • Amazon Pay
  • DATEV-Cloud-Services
  • DHL
  • dpd
  • ebay
  • EDI
  • ePost
  • FedEx
  • Fidor
  • GLS
  • GO!
  • Google
  • HubSpot
  • klarna
  • PayPal
  • shopware
  • shopify
  • mollie
  • UPS
  • stripe
  • Payone
  • Secupay
  • sipgate
  • Sofortüberweisung
  • slack
  • SEPA
  • Transus
  • PayPal
  • shopware
  • shopify
  • mollie
  • UPS
  • stripe
  • Payone
  • Secupay
  • sipgate
  • Sofortüberweisung
  • slack
  • SEPA
  • Transus

Full flexibility in all areas of your business

Set your business up for growth

  • Integration & Extensions

  • Finance & Controlling

  • Logistics

  • Team & Projects

  • Sales

  • Product

Extensively connected

Use important systems and tools of your industry – connect them easily

Automated integrations

Let xentral’s API do the heavy lifting for you with automated processes

Use all tools

Connect every tool your business is already using

Interface Power

High performance for your business thanks to standard interfaces

1.600+ touchpoints for your business

xentral has many strong partners in all industries

Marketplaces, payment services, online stores, fulfillers and many more

Convenient data exchange

CSV, XML and EDI - you choose the right communication channel for your data

Extensions via APIs and scripts

Multi-currency for your business

No language barriers, all currencies, all tax rates

0% Paperwork in accounting

Secure document management (DMS)

Use important finance interfaces for your business

DATEVconnect, BMD, Sage, Taxdoo

Digital accounting

Pre-allocate invoices and send them to accounting automatically

Business Intelligence

Professional controlling based on KPIs, reports and dashboards

Payment verification

Seamless communication with payment providers for turbo shipping and happy customers

Smart tax

Use automated VAT ID check, VAT splitting and supply threshold management

Automated routing

Automatic routing of incoming orders to your warehouse of choice.

Smartphone / Tablet & MDE-based picking

Logistics at a glance

One look and you know the status of your logistics at any time.


Analyze and benchmark the performance of your logistics at any given time.

100% of your logistics at a glance

Stay on top of things with the help of xentral’s features

Dashboards, Reports, Marketplaces, Teams

Connect your services

Thanks to xentral’s connectivity, you can instantly connect a huge varity of providers

Fixed-location warehouse & chaotic warehouse

Store and pick your articles in the best possible way

Automated processes

Less effort for time recording and project management

Smart work management and tracking

Keep track of times

Record times - and costs - as needed and digitally

Project Management

Define projects and their owners centrally and record hours transparently

100% productivity for your team

Top features that make your team even more efficient

Ticketing, Time tracking, Kanban, Chat

Digital Kanban Board

Plan projects clearly, keep an eye on tasks and exchange ideas through the chat function

Link projects easily with customers

Create invoices for the project and send them via CRM

Order Automation

Manage quotes, invoices, price lists and more individually

Real-time tracking of B2B/B2C orders

100% ready for multichannel success

Be successful on Amazon

Sales KPIs, stock notifications, prime label, EDI communication

Multichannel Boost

Connect your stores, marketplaces and outlets and manage all channels centrally

Features for your digital Sales-Funnel


Push your e-commerce

Import and manage all your orders simultaneously and give customers 100% transparency.

Digitize all your sales power

Seamless communication with stores, marketplaces and customers

Automated production

Simplify production, supplier management and ordering

Central Product Information Management

Production in perfection

Produce first-class articles that will delight your customers

Increase efficiency

Manage item data, products, bills of materials, bundles and more all centrally

100% perfection for your production

Features that help you outpace the competition

Production planning, Serial numbers, Article forecast, PIM


Easy to connect with suppliers and offer products on all relevant channels

Store and track products securely

Create, record and manage serial numbers and batches

xentral is designed to grow with you and your company

xentral App Store

Get access to 100+ additional features with the xentral apps

Do IT Yourself or Just Move In

Either build your xentral yourself in an intuitive process or let our expert team help you with the setup

Regular Updates

To keep up with your growth, we add new features and updates every three months

Brainy API

xentral is built by real IT brains

First-class Support

We will provide ongoing support, and train your team

Frequently Asked Questions

ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning, because its most important function is to manage your business resources. The objective is to make your processes faster and your daily business easier.

To achieve this, the ERP software connects to each of your company departments - from the warehouse to sales and controlling - and brings all of the data together. Thus, relevant information is available to you centrally and transparently at all times. Your advantage: You can efficiently control and automate your processes and scale your business without limits.

For companies that value growth, automation and flexibility, an ERP system is a must. The sooner you decide to use it, the more you will benefit from its advantages. Even if you have your business well under control with Excel sheets at the moment, the administrative effort grows rapidly with increasing turnover - at the expense of your efficiency.

Even established companies that want to breathe new life into processes that have become sluggish and that are ready for the trends of the future cannot do so without an ERP.

Basically, every company can use an ERP. Over 1,000 customers from sectors such as ecommerce, FBA or service providers use the xentral software. xentral ERP is open to all sectors: Established players achieve success with it just as quickly as young start-ups.

Companies with ambitious growth targets benefit most from the advantages of an ERP system. If your business is to scale without limits, you need a software solution like xentral that grows with you and gives you flexibility and full control over your processes. Read how successful companies use xentral in our success stories.

Are you looking for powerful features and don't believe in long implementation times? Then you are just like our more than 1,000 customers from e-commerce, retail, FBA, manufacturing and more who are already using xentral ERP.

The feedback is clear: xentral convinces with its clear structure, comprehensive features and high speed. We are constantly expanding the software and use it internally ourselves. That's how, we already know ourselves which wishes we have to fulfill.

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