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Many of your workflows are invisible to your customers, but critical to your success. Improve them with Xentral for better customer satisfaction. Overcome operational hurdles in the following areas


Purchase based on demand and when you need to. You can keep track of your suppliers and purchases, ordering what you need when you need it. 

Inventory management and fulfillment

Keep a close eye on your inventory at all times and synchronize it with your online shops and marketplaces.

Order management

Use Xentral’s visual representation and automations for operational insight and satisfied customers.


Bundle your payment flows in Xentral. This allows you to provide your tax consultant with everything they need – and to save yourself many sleepless nights.

Master data

As the central data management system (PIM, CRM), Xentral reduces data maintenance errors and becomes your single source of truth (SSOT).

1,700+ companies worldwide rely on Xentral

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Individual set-up and configuration

Start right where you are now and optimize your procurement, inventory management, fulfillment, master data, order management and your accounting. Xentral adapts to your needs and your pace.

Modular packages for all team sizes

From €99 a month

Start free of charge and choose the right features and support scope for your business from three different plans: Core lets you say goodbye to Excel sheets, Growth automates your growing processes and Professional networks your entire eCommerce business.

Learn and grow with Xentral professionals and become one too

Your next challenge is already waiting for you. Acquire the skills and connections you need to resolve any challenge quickly and with a solid structure.


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