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Let your business grow brainy.

The brainy business software for modern startups and established companies in any sector

Secure ERP software in the cloud

Get access to all important business KPIs anytime, from anywhere.

1,000 features

Increases your efficiency, prevents errors and celebrates additional sales.

Easy to get started, infinitely scalable

Connect your systems and add new users as needed.

The central platform for the intelligent organization of your business units



  • eCommerce & Multichannel
  • CRM & sales management
  • Manage leads & deals
  • Offers & orders
  • POS



  • Price & product management
  • Discounts, MSL, batch, services
  • PIM & article management
  • Production management
  • Purchasing & ordering



  • Logistics controlling
  • Outsourced logistics
  • In-house logistics
  • Shipping & receiving
  • Picking & returns

Finance & controlling

Finance & controlling

  • Controlling & reports
  • Accounting & DMS
  • Payment audit
  • Tax management
  • Multi-currency & sales thresholds

Team & Project

Team & Project

  • Time recording
  • Project management
  • Kanban board
  • Ticket System

Interfaces & Extensions

Interfaces & Extensions

  • Marketplaces
  • Shop systems
  • Payment
  • Shipping
  • Finance

Always included in all xentral Home packages

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You can add more than 100 additional features with the xentral apps.

Do IT Yourself vs. Just Move In

xentral Home is so easy to use, you decide how to set it up.

Fresh kicks

Every three months, we expand xentral to include a variety of new features.


We will gladly provide support if you have questions and we will train your team.


Real nerds created xentral. We let developers aim high.


More than 1,000 teams love xentral.
Communicate with each other and create synergies.

More time for strategically important tasks

Do you want to continue developing your business and increase customer satisfaction? Do you want to stop wasting time on manual processes? xentral thinks for you, shows you the best purchase price, synchronizes all sales channels, automates the shipping process and networks all business units. This gives you a comprehensive overview as well as more time for your growth, brainy ideas and new business units.

A home that connects everything

Once you have chosen a business software package, you want to keep it. With xentral, you have the perfect long-term partner by your side because we rely on connectivity to a variety of marketplaces, shops, payment providers, shipping providers, accounting systems, fulfillment service providers and other systems. Thanks to perfectly calibrated interfaces, you can simply connect your other systems to your xentral Home in a few minutes

“With xentral, our production, eCommerce business and accounting are up and running. Thank you, xentral.”

Turbo efficiency thanks to a wider perspective

xentral Home is the right business software for modern, agile teams which want to achieve success quickly. We therefore offer you a wide variety of features that make your everyday work easier in every business unit and visualize all of the major business data. Thanks to the fast introduction of xentral ERP and its ease of use, you can start right away.

Get inspired

More than 1,000 startups and established companies organize their business using xentral.

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