The key to smooth order processing

Order comes in. Goods go out. Invoice is paid.

Order management is your company’s most fundamental process. Straightforward in theory. But a real challenge in practice.

Do these challenges look familiar?

You are not alone. Many of our customers have faced the same challenges.

Chaotic channels

Even though you’re setting up new sales channels, the effort involved in processing orders increases with each new channel.

Lack of insight

You want to be able to see the status of your orders at a glance. But instead, you feel like a detective searching for clues.

Less and less control

You think you have everything under control but are plagued by unpaid invoices, empty warehouses and open orders.

Simplify your order management workflows

Chaos in order management is easily avoided: Xentral helps to straighten your business out, with processes that run like clockwork. Join the ranks of over 1,500 Xentral users.