Needs-oriented purchasing

Do I need to reorder already?

If you don’t keep a handle on reordering articles and on incoming goods, you run the risk of empty warehouses, long shipping times and dissatisfied customers. Xentral helps you clarify central purchasing questions quickly and transparently.

Do these challenges look familiar?

If so, you’re not alone. Many of our customers were faced with exactly the same challenges.

Poor timing

Without links to your sales channels and your current inventory, you won’t always reorder in time – and run the risk of overselling, long shipping times and dissatisfied customers.

Cash flow

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is a critical success factor for your business – here, the interplay between purchasing and sales is of key importance.

Lack of insights

If purchasing and selling prices are not linked, low-selling articles will go undetected and you’ll end up selling some products without a profit.

Optimized warehouses free of low-selling products

Use Xentral as your central intelligence when purchasing – and optimize your incoming goods and supplier management. With networked workflows and an extensive overview of prices and conditions, you will save time and costs in purchasing.