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The Xentral test: what the ERP has in store for you!

The Xentral test...

Multichannel logistics: How to keep everything in view at all times

Multichannel & Logistics...
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e-food marketplaces: How to sell your food products at Amazon, Kroger, etc.

To list your food products on e-food marketplaces like Amazon, you need to follow a few guidelines a...
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Expand your Food Startup to B2B and B2C customers with Xentral

Learn how to expand your food startup by accessing B2B and B2C customers worldwide. Boost your reven...
View of an opened laptop standing on a white table in front of a houseplant and next to a red coffee cup. A person is looking at a dashboard and typing something on the keyboard. Keeping track of a multichannel system is hard. We'll show you what's important!

Multichannel system: less effort but greater success for the company

Learn how you can significantly increase your sales by using a multichannel system....

Successful multichannel e-commerce: we show you how it’s done!

Success with multichannel...
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2022 Food Industry Trends in eCommerce

What´s hot, what´s not?...
inventory management ecommerce guide
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The ultimate guide on E-commerce inventory management

Learn what matters in your inventory and warehouse management...

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