Lizza: About lions, linseed and label workarounds

Food start-up Lizza was looking for a tool for clean processes and found an out-of-the-box experienc...
Blick von der Seite auf einen Tisch auf dem eine Tasse mit der Aufschrift "80/20" steht und gerade von einer Person mit Apple Watch am Handgelenk gegriffen wird. Im Hintergrund steht ein aufgeklappter Laptop. Mit automatisierter Buchhaltung kannst du nicht nur Zeit sondern auch Geld sparen. Wir zeigen dir wie!
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Manual processes adé - Success with automated accounting!

Stress-free success with automated accounting. We show you how it works!...
View of an opened laptop standing on a white table in front of a houseplant and next to a red coffee cup. A person is looking at a dashboard and typing something on the keyboard. Keeping track of a multichannel system is hard. We'll show you what's important!

Multichannel system: less effort but greater success for the company

Learn how you can significantly increase your sales by using a multichannel system....

Internal vs. External Warehouses: The differences and benefits for your online store

With the rapid growth of eCommerce, many businesses will need to decide between running an internal ...
Hennes Finest Teambilder byAF 8041 1024x683

Hennes Finest - Go where the pepper grows

The ERP software Xentral replaces the previous stand-alone solutions at Hennes Finest....
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Presch Tools - do the job properly

PRESCH Tools professionalises its merchandise management with the ERP solution Xentral. The two mana...
Dominik Ebenkofler and Felix Keser founded Bergmensch to connect people who love the mountains just like they do.

Bergmensch: passion for the mountains and clean processes

Bergmensch connects people with a passion for the outdoors - and bundles internal processes with Xen...
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Xentral — the smart ERP system for startups

The ERP for startups...
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xentral and Spryker: the complete solution for e-commerce

Spryker & Xentral...

Join the +1,700 startups and SMEs that have already chosen Xentral as the beating heart of their business.